Thursday Works

Productions, Mumbai, India

We combine quirkiness with aesthetics and creativity with quality… Because we know that shoot production
is a mix of perfection and madness, beauty and design.

At Thursday Works, we ensure you have a glitch-proof production experience in any part
of India and abroad. We source some of the finest talent, cutting-edge equipment,
and most fitting props for hassle-free indoor or outdoor shoots.

Our team, of edgy and reliable young individuals, goes the extra mile
to ensure your shoot is full of fun-filled and satisfying moments, during all the three phases
of production: pre-production, production and post-production.

We also pride ourselves on our warm hospitality and exemplary service during shoots,
to ensure you feel completely at home, and are able to deliver your best.

We operate from Mumbai & have pan-India presence, and also conduct shoots abroad.
Our wide client base, built over 14 years, includes companies from across sectors.

If you too want to experience a stellar production experience, and stay stress-free
from the start of your shoot till the finish, contact us for any of your requirements!